Oussama Charafeddine

Oussama Charafeddine

 Born on 16/08/1995 in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Graduated from Antonine university with a bachelor's degree in Musicology, and a teaching diploma from the Lebanese International University.

Learning conducting with Maestro Barkev Taslakian since 2013, and been conducting several choirs all over Lebanon under his surveillance and guidance since (S.O.S. Villages Choir, NRC Choir, Sonbola Choir, SSS Choir, Solo Academy Choir, Azm School Choir and Unesco Choir).

Currently working as a Child Protection Officer at the Danish Refugee Council and a Life skills through arts trainer.

In addition to being a singer in the Fayha National Choir since 2011, I have also had the pleasure to lead the choir and conduct them in many concerts across Lebanon.

Started composing for Acapella choirs in early 2022 for local and foreign choirs.