Angham wa Salam Choir

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“Angham wa Salam” is a project of UNDP in partnership with Fayha National Choir with funds from/or with support from Germany through KFW Development Bank.

The objective of the peace choir is to create a common platform for people from different background, religions, sects, generations, and villages

Youth were brought together to work closely and form a national choir for peace. The project positively transformed their perception towards other communities, it led to building their capacity and leadership in managing constructive and positive dialogue, it gave them more ability and motivation to play a role in solving local problems as local peace agents all through collective singing

“Angham wa Salam Choir” is a model for inter and intra communal initiatives and it gives a good example of citizenship

It’s a local conflict transformative project and will contribute to developing a better response to local tensions and conflicts, which ultimately contributes to the promotion of social cohesion in Lebanon.

The project included rehearsals in 4 different regions in Lebanon: North, South, Bekaa and Mount Lebanon. In addition to monthly joint rehearsals And 5 concerts around Lebanon.